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How it began

The Cranbourne Football Club was officially formed on May 10 1889, a full eight years before the inception of the V.F.L.

The clubs first president was Mr James Lecky and in that year played games against Mornington, Grantville, and Frankston amongst others. 1890 saw games also played against the great Southern Railway side, and Dandenong Imperials. The first recorded game was when Cranbourne played Beaconsfield on the 20th June 1890 in which Cranbourne won. (Information courtesy of the Mornington Herald of that year).

Cranbourne continued a somewhat nomadic existence until it joined the Berwick and Dandenong Football League in 1925.

Results were immediate as they won the premiership in 1926 under the coaching of Mr Weatherhood.1933 saw the club move to the Dandenong and District Football League.1951 saw the club win the premiership with Bruce Ferguson as captain.

The club found its present home in 1954 when it moved and became a founding member to the fledgling South West Gippsland Football League, along with Rythdale- Cardinia, Berwick, Beaconsfield, Tooradin-Dalmore, Narre-Hallam and Officer. It is interesting to note that in the initial year the season only lasted from May 1st to the Grand Final on September 4th and a Membership ticket at Cranbourne was 10s (ten shillings).1966 saw the club win its third senior flag under the coaching of Gerry Pennefather.

Senior Premierships started in 1926 then 1951,1966,1985,1986,1987,1989,1990,1991,1993,and in 1995 the clubs first year in the MPNFL Northern division.

Reserves success has come in 1966 under Charley Morley, 1976 under Peter Mazou, Ken Hickey 1987, Tony Clarke 1990, Robert Francis 1991, Paddy Garrett 1994 and Steve Culton 2001.

The Cranbourne third eighteen has been particularly successful with premierships in 1964, 1965, 1974, 1976, 1982, 1984, 1988, 2002 and 2003.

Presidents who have served terms of three years or more years in the S.W.F.L. are the late Colin Mc Kaskill (1956-1966), Charley Morley (1961-1962), and (1965-1966), Ritchie Chasemore (1970-1972), Noel Waters (1979-1981), and Alan Nixon (1982-1984).

Some of the most illustrious coaches the club has had are H.Williams 1957- 1959, John Martello (1969- 1971 and 1975) Bill Barrot (1976) Peter DaRose (1980-1981) and of course Daryl Nisbet (1984 -1987). John Van Oirshot (1990-1991).

The Cranbourne football club’s life members are J Close, Arthur Ryland, Jim Breen Snr, J Cowe, G Gilmore, T Greening, I Mc Leod, J.Aalen, H White, Owen Kelsall, Mrs Beryl Chasemore, R.McAleese, Ron Thompson, John Venville, Ritchie Chasemore, Hank Frenken, Leo Kelly, and Chris Holland. Graham McAleese, S. Legg, G Laffin, P. Garrett, G. Davies.