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President’s Welcome

First of all, welcome to all of members, supporters and players, old and new, as we prepare for the 2018 season ahead.

It is with great anticipation that we are looking forward to a season full of excitement, fun and hopefully achievement, which of course is measured in many ways.

This year, we seek to improve the many aspects of our club. We understand the need for better communication, a wider range of social functions and events, and most importantly the need to embrace the club as a whole. For this, we need everyone be committed, prepared to become involved in some way and remain positive.

We shall continue to work toward building our strengths within the foundations of the club that represent key areas of continual improvement that are identified by our strategic pillars:

VISION / PURPOSE STATEMENT – The Cranbourne Eagles aspire to be a sustainable and diverse organisation that strives for success through local community development providing a high quality experience for all.

  • Football Operations – • Consistent top-four finishes from a committed, respected and successful team through commitment to junior pathways development.
  • Financial Management – • Financial independence through five years of profitable football and non-football operations.
  • Supporter and Community Engagement – • 1000 members, secured through existing markets, new territories and digital innovation.
  • Commercial Operations – • Sustainable commercial growth through committed partnerships, diversification of products and exciting events.
  • People – • A loyal, high performing and enthusiastic workforce, built on mutual respect and support.
  • Facilities and Infrastructure – • To provide a best practice training and administration center for players, coaches and staff.

I am looking forward to the 2018 with much anticipation and hope you are too and believe by working together to continually improve the club, success both on and off the field becomes imminent.

Go Eagles!!

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